Conception of Princeton Project ’55    June 1989


   We, the members of the Princeton University Class of 1955, having attained moderate success in our individual pursuits, look uncomfortably at an endangered world. The successes we have achieved in the private sphere have not often been matched by enhancement of the common good. Material well being for ourselves has not led to the healthy society we seek. We see a world beset by ecological deterioration and impending social crises in the United States and throughout the world.


   Approaching the end of our sixth decade of life we are at a juncture where many of us have resources, time and energy to focus more clearly on the public agenda.

   We observe that young men and women, now undergraduates at Princeton, share many of our concerns and commitments. They too want to be effective public citizens. They too are concerned about the environment, the cities, the disadvantaged. They too are talented and energetic.

   We believe that the interaction of our classmates and stu­dents in addressing public problems, in fundamental and systemic ways, would blend idealism, experience, commitment, and talent to the benefit of students, ourselves, and the larger community.

   We also believe that this interaction and this commitment to the public agenda will serve as a model for those similarly situated and so inclined. 



The Executive Committee of the Princeton University Class of 1955 hereby approves this Resolution on this 3rd day of June 1989:


   WHEREAS there is a need for new thinking , new patterns of involvement, and new actions, for addressing society's problems at local, state, national and international levels;


   WHEREAS the Princeton University Class of 1955 has diverse talents and experience which can be brought to bear on devising solutions to such problems;

   WHEREAS the Class of 1955, in the tradition Princeton in the Nation’s Service, is prepared to contribute our talents and experience to public interest and civic action endeavors for the betterment of the human condition;

   WHERESAS we sense a potential of human energy within our generation that can be directed toward such projects;


   WHEREAS we recognize the untapped energy and potential of Princeton students to pursue these same goals;


  WHEREAS we envision that mutual and enduring benefits will flow from interaction between our generation and Princeton students working together on public interest and civic action endeavors; and


   Whereas this proposed union of interest and action can serve as an inspiration and possible model for others;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Princeton University Class of 1955 resolves to establish a permanently endowed, not-for-profit institution located in Princeton, New Jersey and dedicated to the above principles and for the following purposes:


   1. To mobilize the talents, experience and energies of our classmates and others of our generation on specific public interest and civic action projects towards solving systemic social problems;


   2. To promote and support the direct involvement of Princeton students in such public interest and civic action projects in cooperation with members of our Class or indepen­dently; and

   3. To generate other initiatives consistent with our guiding principles .

President:  Alan Willemsen
Vice-president:  Richard Herbruck
Secretary:  Michael Robbins
Treasurer:  Harry Berkowitz
Reunion Chairman:  Hilary Lipsitz
Class Agent:  Tomas Boyatt








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