Gifts to Annual Giving allow Princeton to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovery, to extend the financial aid program to every student who needs it and to help meet emerging needs and challenges. 

   These unrestricted funds give Princeton the flexibility to undertake critical new initiatives such as developing the neuroscience program and attracting world renowned faculty before a permanent endowment is fully in place. Please respond to our class agent  Bill Shafer and his able assistant,  Betsy Grimes from the Princeton University Office for Annual Giving.

   To contribute to Annual Giving, visit our secure website:

        Princeton Class of 1955 Annual Giving  2018

William C. Shafer, Class Agent  
9653 Gulf Shore Drive #402, Naples, FL34108
Peter P. Hawryluk, Class Agent   
PO BOX 528, Zionsville, IN 46077-0528



Our class maintains its ACCUSTOMED position... ahead of the pack! 

    Of our 418, classmates 280 contributed to last year's Annual Giving, a participation level of 67%. This exceeds the 55.7% of all undergraduate alumni. Only five other classes had  slightly greater participation. We gave $276,981, exceeding the $230,000 goal set last fall by 20.4%. The overall results of the recently concluded 2017-18 Princeton University AG campaign are detailed below. 




    Princeton University’s 2017-18 Annual Giving campaign raised $69,554,597  — the second-highest total in Annual Giving history — with 55.7 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. “This year's Annual Giving results are remarkable,” said President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83. “The unrestricted funds raised through Annual Giving are vital to strengthening Princeton’s mission of excellence in teaching and research and to meeting the full financial need of our talented students. I am grateful to our many volunteers for their hard work and dedication, and to our alumni, parents and friends for their generous and unwavering support of Princeton.”

    The Class of 1993, with a participation rate of 66.3 percent, raised the greatest amount — $11,661,993, the highest total ever for a 25th Reunion class and an all-time record for any class. Three other major Reunion classes set new records: the Class of 1983, which broke the 35th Reunion record with $5,115,083; the 55th Reunion Class of 1963, which raised $3,500,063; and the Class of 1958, which raised $3,225,735 in celebration of its 60th Reunion.
    The 50th Reunion Class of 1968 finished with $4,775,093, its highest total ever, with 73.9 percent participation. Three other major Reunion classes raised more than $1 million: 1988 with $5,511,988; 1998 with $2,479,403; and 1978 with $1,697,793.
    Graduate alumni gave more than $2 million for the first time ever, raising $2,332,685 from 2,667 donors. Princeton parents contributed $2,900,251 to the total, a 9 percent increase over the previous year and the ninth consecutive year above $2.5 million.
    The Class of 1992 raised the highest total among non-major Reunion classes, with $855,800; seven other non-major Reunion classes recorded totals of $500,000 or more.
    This year’s highest percentage of participation belongs to the Class of 1963, which achieved 77.9 percent on the occasion of its 55th Reunion. That was followed by the 50th Reunion Class of 1968, which reached 73.9 percent; the Class of 1951, which achieved 71.8 percent; and the Class of 2017, which reached 70.1 percent. Twenty-three other classes recorded participation rates of 60 percent or higher.
    The youngest 10 classes averaged 60.1 percent participation. The Class of 2018, the University’s newest alumni, achieved a pledge rate of 84.6 percent, with 1,100 of its members pledging to support Annual Giving for the next four years.
   “The continued success of Annual Giving is the direct result of the dedication and enthusiasm of our incredible volunteer team together with the generosity and loyalty of our alumni, parents and friends,” said Annual Giving Chair Timothy Kingston, a member of the Class of 1987. “It is the impressive breadth of participation that sustains Princeton’s margin of excellence. Every single gift makes an important difference on campus.”


      Since graduation, with an average of 65.6% participation, the great Class of 1955 has given over $19,350,219 to Annual Giving.




Dear Classmate,                                                       November 2017


We were so blessed with Princeton’s decision to invite us to join the Princeton Class of 1955 in September of 1951. Members of the arguably greatest class ever!

Thousands of Princetonians from every generation, including a mighty 66.9% of ’55, supported Annual Giving during the 2016-17 academic year.  As always, Annual Giving makes an important difference for today’s students.

It goes well beyond the numbers – although you can see the results on the enclosed page.  Our collective unrestricted gifts enable Princeton to guarantee financial aid to all admitted students who need it, to support important new initiatives, such as hiring eminent faculty in emerging areas of research in molecular biology and providing all incoming freshmen with opportunities to take part in meaningful service projects, and to sustain the many programs and offerings essential and distinctive to the Princeton experience.

We hope that we can count on your interest and support as we officially kick-off our Annual Giving campaign.  Please participate today.  You can use the enclosed envelope, call the gift line at 800-258-5421, or visit the website at


Together, we can make a lasting impact!


With thanks,

Bill Shafer ‘55       Pete Hawryluk ‘55


Participation Chair
Peter Hawryluk

Upper New England
George Kovatch


Lower New England
F. Donald Brigham, Jr


New York State
Richard A. Frye


New York City
Barry S. Savits


Northern New Jersey
Robert C. McClanahan, Jr

William P. Burks
Richard O. Funsch 


Eastern Pennsylvania

Peter Hawryluk


Conrad R. Harper
Oral O. Miller


Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr.
Joseph V. Quarles, III


William C. Shafer
James Jehle


George W. Bashore
Edgar J. Mack


Peter P. Hawryluk


Great Plains
James R. Wiant


Frank T. Crews, Jr.
Myron S. Lee


Myron S. Lee


Northern California
Nelson Wild


Southern California
Robert H. Collier
Ronald J. Hess


John R. Scherer


All gifts, large and small, make a real difference in the lives of today's students.

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