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   These unrestricted funds give Princeton University the flexibility to undertake critical new initiatives such as developing the neuroscience program and attracting world renowned faculty before a permanent endowment is fully in place. Please respond to our class agent Herb Kaufmann and his able assistant, Betsy Grimes, from the Princeton University Office for Annual Giving.



        In the January 2021 issue of the Princeton Alumni Weekly, President Eisgruber wrote about the 20th anniversary of Princeton’s pioneering no-loan financial aid program. The program allows students, regardless of financial background, to graduate with no debt.  It enables them to embark on their futures without that financial worry. Annual Giving helped start the groundbreaking program that makes this possible. Now, twenty years later, Annual Giving’s support continues to ensure the financial aid program. Every student that Princeton admits, can afford to attend, and to graduate with little or no debt.

        In 2001, 41% of undergraduates received financial aid. Last year about 62% received aid, with an average grant of $56,000.  Some students do take out loans for discretionary items, such as laptops. Those students have a debt averaging $9,500, one of the lowest in the nation. But, and here’s the take-home fact, 83% of Princetonians graduate without any debt.

   To contribute to Annual Giving, visit our secure website: https://makeagift.princeton.edu/MakeAGift.aspx

   Princeton Class of 1955 Annual Giving  2021




Dear '55 Classmate,                                                                                   November 2021                                                                                             

    In the 2019-2020 campaign we raised $519,230 to mark what was to be our 65th reunion.  Last year’s effort was impressive particularly given the unprecedented times.  While our goals this year are not quite as high, it will still be of great importance to the University to achieve them.

    Princeton, as always, remains committed to its education, research and teaching mission despite the difficult conditions imposed by the pandemic.  The unrestricted funds provided by Annual Giving help our University innovate in ways to make remote teaching and learning possible. Here are a few highlights:


    • The faculty has reimagined how classes can be taught in the virtual world.  It has brought innovative solutions, such as shipping laboratory kits to students around the world so they can conduct “at home” science and engineering experiments.  Art kits are distributed for students studying the visual arts.  The kits contain materials such as tabletop darkrooms, sewing machines and sculpture supplies to allow hands on experience.  Arts and music courses have been transformed so that students still get active, practical experience. 

    • Students have access to an extensive collection of software and apps that allow them to maintain state-of-the-art learning and conduct research in their disciplines. 

    • Additional preceptors and teaching assistants were added to sustain personal engagement of students with faculty and with one another; the heart of a Princeton education.

    • Improved technologic support has been added.


    Gifts to Annual Giving allow Princeton to increase the financial aid budget to meet the needs of all its students.  During this time of virtual learning, Annual Giving provides money for students who need reliable technology, equipment and funds to provide setting up study space while away from the campus.

    All your gifts matter more than ever. I hope that you will join me in giving to our 2020-21 campaign, building on our yearly achievements to help move Princeton’s mission forward.

Visit the website at www.princeton.edu/ag or click on the link above or call 800-258-5421.


 Be well and stay safe.




Herb Kaufmann

Class Agent 






    For the 2019-20 Annual Giving Campaign, of our 374 living classmates, 215 contributed  $519,230, a participation level of 57.5%.

    As of January 1, 2021, 117 donors from our class roster of 357 have already contributed $169,539. Before the campaign ends on June 30, many more gifts are expected to help us achieve our goal of $$285,000.

   Since graduation, with an average of 64% participation, the great Class of 1955 has given over $20,141,011. For a complete 65 year history of our class Annual Giving, click here.





Section Chairs


Class Agent
Herb Kaufmann


Upper New England

Richard H. Evans, Esq.


Lower New England

A. Reynolds Gordon, Esq.


New York State

Thomas E. White


New York City
Barry S. Savits


Northern New Jersey
Robert C. McClanahan, Jr




William P. Burk

Richard O. Funsch


Conrad R. Harper
Oral O. Miller


Frank F. Mountcastle, Jr.
Joseph V. Quarles, III


James Jehle


Edgar J. Mack



John W. Castle


Great Plains

Ludwig Gutmann


Frank T. Crews, Jr.


Myron S. Lee


Northern California
Nelson Wild


Southern California
Robert H. Collier


John R. Scherer



All gifts, large and small, make a real difference in the lives of today's students.


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