In Memoriam

    "I have a vision for the journey of the class through life - a metaphor - that I would like to share with you.  I want to take you back to a beautiful day, a spectacular Cinemascope day, the 14th of June 1955.  On that day in the world of reality, we graduated from Princeton.  But on that day in my world of metaphor I see in my mind's eye something different.  I see 803 Princetonians gathering in a large, open field.  They line up in a single line of skirmishers, shoulder to shoulder, and begin to march across the field of life with energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

   But we are not alone on that field.  On the other side, across from us, is another line of skirmishers, dark, hooded, forbidding - I won't say they are evil, but they are certainly lethal - let's just call them the vicissitudes and vagaries of life, and, for short, I call them "the dark forces" and from the very beginning, the dark forces take shots at our class  and from the very beginning, we lose classmates, but in those days, to military accidents, automobile crashes, rare diseases, early heart attacks, but we close ranks, and we move forward.

   And we have marched forward for fifty years, and now the weapons at the disposal of the dark forces are stronger and more lethal - cancer in all its forms, heart attacks, and infectious diseased that weren't even heard of when we began our march - and the toll on our line is significant.  It is much shorter than it was when we started out - almost 20% shorter - and the weapons of the dark forces are stronger and are fired more frequently.  We have lost 150 classmates, some are missing, and as to the wounded, well, we're all wounded.

   Fifty years is a long time to be in our line of march, and chronic diseases, major surgeries, disappointments, tragedies - they've all taken their toll - but we close the gaps and go forward.  And we go forward in spite of the fact that each one of us knows that someday - the day will come, maybe 25 years from now, something like that - the very last skirmisher will fall, and the last member of the Class of '55 will perish.

   When that day comes, it's not the end of the story, and it certainly is not the whole story.  We have, after all, been in our line of march for 50 years with capabilities, and we have used those capabilities to attain magnificent achievements; let me just list a few: a family formed, loved, cared for and launched into the future; a business begun, or made better; a profession, law, medicine, teaching and others enhanced; institutions established and improved; lives saved, and enemies defied; friends supported; causes served.

   We have done all of that and more.  We have created a legacy of achievement, a heritage, which will live.  Our families, communities, institutional colleagues and above all Princeton herself will ensure the immortality of the Class of 1955. Generations from now students will still attend Princeton on Class of '55 scholarships, '55 endowed chairs will teach them, the class numerals etched in the great window of Firestone will still be there, and the buildings we have all built, either in their entirety or partially, will still stand.

   The 20th Century is now history, and that was our century.  As President Tilghman made clear, from that century are emerging a few classes defined as great by others, not by us, and '55 is one of them.  We will live and all 803 skirmishers will share that immortality."

   Our classmate Tom Boyatt spoke these words at our Fifty Fifth Reunion Class Memorial Presentation on May 29, 2010. Listed below are the names of classmates who have passed away within the past twelve months plus earlier death notices of which we have just become aware.


* Honorary classmate


Tracy Harrison Logan Jr    February 28, 2018

George Gibson Carey IV    September 24, 2019




Willis Nathaniel Mills Jr   December 11, 2020

David Chatfield Hawley    December 20, 2020


Frank Donald Brigham Jr   January 10, 2021

Austin Herbert George   January 11, 2021

Alexander Ashley Weech Jr    January 11, 2021

Otto Lucien Anton Spaeth Jr   January 13, 2021

Edward Orshan   January 22, 2021

John Hope Doeg    January 23, 2021

James Cook McGough    February 5, 2021

Roger Gilbert Jr    February 10, 2021

Julian Dantzer Kelly Jr    February 13, 2021

Kenneth George Preston Jr     February 19, 2021

Peter Paul Hawryluk    February 24, 2021

Donald Myron Ulbrick    February 26, 2021

Markley Holmes Boyer    March 14, 2021   

Graham Ely Jones    March 21, 2021

Raphael Hertz Levey    March 23, 2021

John Havens Thornton   April 16, 2021

Robert  B. Hollander Jr   April 20, 2021

Richard Gregory Smith    May 4, 2021

Roland Morris    May 11, 2021

Frederic Jay Neuman    May 13, 2021

John Gallery Grant   May 21, 2021

Robert Buchanan Beardsley    June 1, 2021

Alton Paul Mendleson Jr    June 22, 2021

Richard Hutchinson Willis     June 26, 2021

Alexander Ashley Weech Jr    July 11, 2021

James Ayer Rubins    July 28, 2021

Gary Baring Nash    July 29, 2021

James Robinson Wiant    August 2, 2021

Arthur James Elliot    August 11, 2021

Richard Franklin Hespos    August 24, 2021

James Leonard Goom   August 29,  2021  

Frank Tribble Crews Jr    September 12, 2021

John Davidson Voorhies   September 15, 2021

Martin Hughes Burns   September 21, 2021

Walter Richard Barry Jr    September 16, 2021

Frank Wilson Jackson     September 29, 2021

Peter Thomas Milano    October 1, 2021

Anthony Joseph Alexandre     October 7, 2021

Franklin Robert Zabriskie    October14, 2021

John Ross-Lewin Howell    November 2, 2021





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